Sigrid and Michael

Sigrid & Michael


First, here's a video of the beginning of the ceremony - the part with all the cute kids:

. . . . and now the photos. Genevieve Shiffrar was our wedding photographer. We think she did a fantastic job.

Sigrid Sigrid & Michael Sigrid & Michael
Sigrid & Michael Rings Michael's suit
Sigrid & Michael - cake! Sigrid & Michael Sigrid & Michael dance

That's a sampler. We have many, many more pics.


Four and a half weeks. You heard that right. One of Michael's co-workers advised him to take as much time as possible, because pretty much no one will get mad at you for taking time off when you get married.

Week one was in Corsica, where Napolean was born. We started off with a bit of beach time, and then moved inland and up in elevation for the second half of the week.

Week two was split between Loire Valley and Bordeaux.

For weeks three and four we rented an apartment in Paris, in the 6th arrondissement, on the left bank. Then we moved to the 2nd arrondissement to a nice hotel for our last four days in Paris.

We have honeymoon pics at Michael's phlog (that's a "photo web log").


Oh, and by the way, we had a baby. A while ago. And then we had another one. And he's pretty cute, too.

Happily ever after

That's what's happening now . . .